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Mum bun every day? We got you girl.

And more importantly, we feel you.
When you are right in the thick of motherhood, the smallest tasks can be hard. Let Bloomette take away even just one small task if you'll allow us. 
We want to help you feel like you've got it that little bit more together. When you feel it, you can be it. Look after yourself just a little bit more. Because once you start to love your self it all just falls into place. 

Our unique-blend hair gel is made from powerful, all natural and organic ingredients. Not only are we sulfate, paraben and alcohol free (your hair will thank you later), we are also 100% cruelty-free. That is super important to us. 

Bloomette aims to steer clear of nasty synthetic ingredients and focus on 100% natural solutions. We love what we have created and we promise that this pocket rocket will become your new BFF.  In a world overrun by chemicals and toxins, Bloomette has brought you a healthier and safer alternative to your fly away baby hairs. (Again, love yourself!) Ditch the hairspray and keep your Bloomette stick on hand, every day.

Not only does Bloomette tame strays it conditions, and leaves your hair feeling smooth and under control. This unique blend will NOT make your hair oily or leave your hair feeling crusty or dry. The silicone wand also removes dandruff flakes from your hair. Healthy looking hair that feels like you have no product in at all! Whip those baby hairs into shape and make them feel thicker and stronger. 

Bloomette is located on the East coast of NSW near Newcastle. Handmade right here in Australia. We were born with a dream in 2018 and our mission is to give something back to the #mumbosses and help you look that tiny bit more together even when you don't feel it.

I told you, girl. We got you xx