Shampoo Brush

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What you've been missing your whole life. 

Take your hair routine to the next level and turn your shower into a trip to the day spa. Go to town on your scalp with our Bloomette For Hair Shampoo brush - it will change the way you wash your hair forever. 

Create an intense lather and reduce the amount of shampoo you use! Yes, this works wonders for shampoo bars also. 

The soft silicone bristles are designed specifically to promote healthy, shiny looking hair. Give yourself a deep massage while removing excess sebum and dandruff from the hair.


Products like hair spray contain chemicals and alcohols that can be harmful to your hair leaving your hair feeling brittle and stressed.

Bloomette has developed a formulation that holds your flyaways while conditioning the hair leaving it feeling healthier and softer than ever before.

Our unique-blend hair gel is made from powerful, natural and organic ingredients. Not only are we sulfate, paraben and alcohol free (your hair will thank you later), we are also 100% cruelty-free. That is super important to us.